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Take An Action When An Insurer Fails To Honor A Policy

Taking out an insurance policy is a responsible thing to do. By paying premiums today, you can protect yourself financially from the worst effects of future calamities such as hurricanes, flood and fires. But insurance is only a good investment when your insurer honors the terms of your policy. Unfortunately, sometimes this is not what happens. When an insurer acts in bad faith and fails to honor its terms when you come to collect the benefits you have paid for, you may need to take legal action to hold your insurer accountable.

At Reasonover & Berg, LLC, we believe that insurance companies should not be able to ignore or mislead their customers without consequences. Our attorneys have assisted numerous policyholders obtain recoveries after disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina. We will assess the strength of your case and help you navigate the process of insurance bad faith litigation so that you can obtain justice after being denied benefits to which you are entitled.

Legal Support For Bad Faith Insurance Cases

Our firm can provide experienced legal advice in a wide range of bad faith cases, including the failure to honor:

  • Property insurance
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Marine insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Insurance for hurricanes, fires, floods and other disasters

For disputes involving businesses other than insurance companies, see our Commercial Litigation page.

Get The Benefits You’ve Paid For, With A Lawyer’s Help

There’s no reason to let your insurance provider trample over your rights. With qualified legal advice, you can use the law to hold them accountable and honor the terms of your insurance policy. To learn more about the ways in which an attorney can help you navigate this process, schedule a free initial consultation with Reasonover & Berg, LLC, by calling 504-613-4941 or reaching us via email. From our office in New Orleans, we proudly serve clients in Louisiana and beyond.