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New Orleans Securities & Commercial Litigation Attorneys. More Than 30 YEARS Of Experience In Litigation & Arbitration.

Experience, Creativity And Skill

Reasonover & Berg, LLC, provides skillful representation to individual retail and institutional investors around the country. We provide counsel to clients who have suffered investment-related losses due to wrongful conduct of brokerage firms, investment advisors, banks and other financial professionals — as well as clients facing commercial disputes with business partners, employees, customers, competitors and other relevant parties.

Our Practice Areas

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Securities Law Overview
Learn more about our securities fraud arbitration and litigation services.
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Take action when a broker recommends inappropriate investments.
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False Statements & Omissions
Hold your broker accountable for false promises and misrepresentations.
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Unsuitable Or Excessive Margin
Trading on margin can create a conflict of interest for your broker.
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Stop a broker from overtrading to inflate his or her commissions.
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Unauthorized Trading
Prevent a broker from taking actions on your behalf without your permission.
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Mutual Fund Fraud
Understand the difference between Class A and Class B shares.
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Selling Away
Brokers cannot download their own holdings to a client without thorough disclosure.
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Over- Concentration
Respond when your broker puts all your financial eggs in one basket.
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Commercial Litigation
Litigation services for a wide range of business disputes.
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Take Legal Action To Resolve Your Legal Dispute

No one should have to endure investor fraud or malpractice without recourse. If your broker has caused you financial harm through negligence or self-interest, we can help seek justice and hold them accountable. If you are facing a commercial dispute, we will likewise stand up for your interests in order to reach a resolution that meets your needs.

Our New Orleans securities arbitration and commercial litigation lawyers offer more than 30 years of combined experience in both court and arbitration systems, and strive to provide every client with optimal results. We have appeared in state and federal trial and appellate courts around the country, as well as in FINRA, NASD, NYSE and AAA arbitration proceedings.

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If you are facing a legal dispute related to your investments or your commercial interests, it’s in your interest to work with an experienced attorney who can provide you with the advice you need to reach a resolution that reflects your interests. The first step is to meet with a lawyer in person so you can learn more about your legal options.

To schedule an appointment with an attorney at Reasonover & Berg, LLC, call us at 504-613-4941 or contact us online. From our office in New Orleans, we serve clients throughout Louisiana and beyond.