False Statements & Omissions

Nobody can promise you a certain return on an investment. All investments, except those considered "risk-free", such as U.S. sovereign bonds, entail a certain risk and have an uncertain rate of return. Whenever your stockbroker is too upbeat, overoptimistic about an investment, he/she might very well be making false statements about a certain security.

In order to get your business, a stockbroker might also omit negative information about a certain stock. For instance, your stockbroker might not tell you that the XYZ Corporation gets, say, 75% of its business from The ACME Corporation and is, in effect, one of ACME's subisidiaries; in this case XYZ's stock should reflect the risk of ACME's. An unethical stockbroker might have noticed that ACME is in deep trouble and yet not tell you to stay away from XYZ's. This is a typical case of omission and if you have suffered financially because of it you should call us at (504) 526-2921 or e-mail us at: kirk@reasonoverllc.com.